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Greece Vacations

The Parthenon in Athens, Greece

There are 6000 Greek Islands and islets scattered within the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Of these Greek islands, only 227 are inhabited. The islands of Greece have some of the most important historical, archaeological and morphological wonders. Tourists from far and wide come to appreciate the ancient cities and mystical phenomenons.

The Greek Archipelago has 7,500 kilometers of the country’s total 16,000-kilometers of coastline, providing a very diversified scenery: outstanding beaches, blissful sheltered bays and coves, pebbly beaches, intriguing caves with steep rocks and black sand typical of volcanic soil, lovely golden sand with dunes and coastal wetlands. You’ll enjoy wonderful water skiing, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, exciting scuba diving and snorkeling in crystal clear seas.

Did you know that Greece and the Greek Islands are the cradle of ancient civilizations, some of the most ancient and prosperous (the Cycladic, Minoan civilizations, etc.). The Greek Isles have hundreds of extremely important archaeological sites, extraordinary architectural heritage and intriguing local traditions of a diverse cultural past. All of the aforementioned, combined with the perfect climate, the sublime Greek Islands waters and the close proximity between ports and coasts, have made the Greek islands exceptionally popular among foreign tourists.

Greek Islands attract many people and for most, it is the lure of sand, sea and year round sunny weather, which is the biggest attraction. By far the most popular islands of Greece are: Santorini,Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Corfu, Lefkada, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Alonissos, Skiathos, Crete and Rhodes, however, each of the others is a unique gems in its own particular way.

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We would like to extend our gratitude for all the work you put into making our honeymoon so special. Thank you for the big time suggestions and recommendations.

We had a wonderful time and will cherish those memories forever. We look forward to working with you again on our future trips. Have a great summer!

Millissa & Brendan Rowland

Hope all is well with you.  It has been awhile and we will need to speak and catch up!
I guess everything was so hectic when I got back (and still is) we never connected.  The trip was fabulous as always and the hotel in Positano was just perfect – mainly for the view and huge terrace. Everything went smooth – except for a little hiccup in Rome on our Coliseum tour.  The taxi took us to the wrong pick-up spot and we were late trying to find the right place.  It was frustrating speaking to the tour company who basically said we were out of luck and unfortunately we were leaving Rome the next morning.  But with my persistence, I found the tour and talked the people in the Coliseum to let us join them and it all worked out well.  The Rome Cavalier was also perfect.  We didn’t mind the location not be directly in Rome as it was nice to be somewhat removed from the city and there was a convenient shuttle.  We ended up being able to stay in the same room all three nights (if you remember you contacted them asking if this was possible since we used our points for 2 nights and paid for the other and therefore were going to have to move each night)  They gave us a upgraded room with balcony with a spectacular view overlooking the city of Rome and the Sistine Chapel .  Which brings us to that tour – also wonderful and nice to be there before the crowds.  Capri, Amalfi coast (we bought a beautiful table there which was shipped to us in Dec.)  Pompeii, Barcelona (rained that day so instead of going to the park – we went to Casa Batllo!)  We even go to the market in Barcelona – since it was closed on Sunday we went early Monday morning before our flight to Ibiza to get our sautéed mushrooms!  Of course our time in Ibiza with our son was also incredible. The hotel was in great location near him.   He was off during the time we were there and really showed us around the island – places we wouldn’t even know existed.  Also rented a boat and captain for a day and went to Fermentera and had a wonderful lunch on the beach.  A surprise day at a spa he planned for us – La Hacienda – amazing place.  If you don’t know about it – check it out!
 Anyway, as you get the picture, the trip was another “trip of a lifetime”.  Thanks again for making it become a reality for us and doing such a great job coordinating all hotels, travel, tours, etc.  and taking all the stress out of the planning which when you wait until the last minute like I tend to do – it’s even more overwhelming ( and would not happen) without your help.

Hey Karen,

We got back from our Germany trip yesterday. We had a great experience and would like to thank you for your help and guidance. We did go to Erding and had a good time at the spa. Apparently there is a brewery that offered factory tours there too so we might check that out next time.
We will let you know the next time we go to Europe. We may go to Spain next year spring break.
Rob C

I will have difficulty in attempting to detail the amazing time we had in Italy. “Thank You!” for working with Italian Travel Team (Antonio and Natalia).  As it turned out, Antonio was an amazing guide. He challenged our preconceived ideas regarding Italy in ways that made our visit so much more. I can’t imagine visiting Italy again without having him as our guide. (Yes, that already means that my wife and I are starting to discuss our next trip to Italy!)

Florence was a great starting point for our visit. The hotel was ideally situated for easy access to everything, and the view from the roof terrace bar was spectacular at night! Everyone at the hotel really put forth that little extra effort to make us feel comfortable and welcome. Our last night there, we ate at the La Loggia restaurant. What a beautiful location, and the food was outstanding. Martino, our waiter, provided the ideal recommendation for a wine that paired well with both of our meals.

Siena. What can I say? It may be the most perfect town on earth. The hotel staff were beyond gracious. The cooking class was great fun, as well as delicious! The location was ideal, the towns’ people were genuinely caring and friendly, and the history (the Palio) was nothing short of awe inspiring.   All of which would not have been as personal if not for Antonio’s expertise. Of course, we would have had a great time in Italy with another guide, but Antonio really made the experience a trip of a lifetime!

The food and the wine at every stop created memories that will last a lifetime. From the smallest vineyards to the largest and oldest, the wines were spectacular. Antonio shared with us the best way to judge grappa, as well as add to our understanding and appreciation of the effects upon the grapes given the different climate and terrain of the Tuscan region. As great as the food was (and it was outstanding!), it was the people that we met that made the trip!

Rome. Well, from our brief, but amazing visit, we’ll have to plan on a week the next time. There is just so much to see and appreciate. Stephan, our driver, was nothing short of brilliant. He got us in and out of places that I didn’t think were even possible.

Anyway, I guess it’s easier to write and our trip than I had anticipated! However, it’s late and I must retire for a very early morning meeting.

Bravo, Travel Wizard !!!!

What a wonderful stay! You made it so easy and everything worked out so well. It was the first time we booked via the internet but loved the personal touches you did with phone calls, emails and answering every question we had! Santorini was beautiful, the hotel was fabulous. We really enjoyed our suite, they […]

Dear Sharon, All went perfectly. Your planning was on-time in every detail. Both hotels (Morgan and Thistle) are about right for upper middle class folks like us. So every day we pretended to be high class by having “Afternoon Tea” at places like the Shelbourne in Dublin and the Balmoral in Edinburgh. Thanks

Hello We are all smiles. Our trip… our time together was simply perfect. We want to thank you for your expertise in arranging our accommodations. Your recommendation was just right. I do understand how much influence you and your company have in getting us such an incredible, upgraded suite in what is considered to be […]

We are back and the arrangements you put together for Europe was great. Your reservations were seamless from the time we left until we returned last night. All of the hotels were wonderful. We enjoyed the hotel in Salzburg the best -our room had a balcony that overlooked the river. Our visit to Dachau outside […]

Hey Sharon, We are home & had a fantastic time. I have to say that the Vatican tour was fantastic. The wine & food experience in Chianti was soo much fun too. The car rental was Mr. toad’s wild ride so we drove to Pisa too and I have many many pictures. The tour in […]

Dear Joan, The trip was absolutely awesome!! I really and truly did not want to come home. We were able to eat at two of the local restaurants, the Hofbrahaus in Munich (WHAT an experience!!) and the Bishofhaus in Regensburg. The food was amazing at both restaurants. I could’ve stayed in Munich and Vienna a […]

Alonissos Island Vacations

Alonissos Island Vacations, Alonissos Luxury Hotels, Villas, Tours and CruisesAlonissos Island is located in the beautiful group of Sporades Islands. The waters around the island have been designated as a marine park which house a rare species of monk seal, the Monachus Monachus. Here the waters are exceptionally blue- the bluest and cleanest aquamarine waters of the Aegean Sea, perhaps even the entire Mediterranean due to the locale’s protection. Alonissos is characterized by its extraordinary beaches, natural beauty and those incredible turquoise waters.

Alpnissos island is ideal for exploring, with intriguing sea caves, verdant sites towards the center and clear waters ideal for snorkeling. Here a tranquil atmosphere pervades, agenda, schedules, clocks do not seem to exist here. Leisure and enjoyment seem to be the primary focus.

There is so much on the island of Alonissos to soak in. Walkers have incredible scenery to take in while strolling through the fertile landscape. Wonderful views along these walks are abundant; breathtaking moments wait around each bend. Experience for yourself the beauty and peace that await you on Alonissos Island.

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Skiathos Vacations

Skiathos town (Chora), Greece

Skiathos Island is one of the Sporades islands which lays to the north-east of Evia and to the east and south-east of the Pelion Peninsula. Skiathos is the most popular and cosmopolitan island of the group and has many hotels and tourist facilities. The Island is renowned for its lovely beaches and dense pine forest, reaching down to the aquamarine seas.

Skiathos has in upwards of 60 beaches along its coastline, each of which with a distinct character varying in their offerings from fascinating snorkeling to fantastic tavernas and snack bars, to the most remote and secluded. The choice is yours to decide exactly which type of beach suits you mood. One of the beaches, Koukounaries, maintains the reputation of being the finest beach in the Aegean. This claim is highly credible as the beach’s waters are warm and crystal clear, with fine soft sand and surrounding pine trees to provide much needed shade for hot days. Other beaches of Skiathos to be mentioned are Megali Amnos, Vromolimnos which is fantastic for an early evening water ski. Archladias, Tzaneria, and Kolios, naming only a few. The interior of the island is as equally gorgeous as its coasts. Here a lush, green setting exists, composed of vast olive groves and pine forests, creating a far greener atmosphere than one would expect from predominantly craggy Greek Island landscapes.

The entire island has only one settlement which is both the port and the island’s capital, which lies on the southeast coast. Despite it’s small amount of settled area, Skiathos has an active nightlife, with bars and discos, visitors to the island can enjoy themselves all night long. Skiathos Island, in the 60′s served as a hot-spot for the rich and famous. These days, the hype has calmed and all can find an idyllic destination here.als

We look forward to helping you plan the best in authentic luxury travel experiences. Our focus is to exceed your expectations, provide great value and save you lots of stress and time.

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Crete Vacations

Crete Luxury Vacations, Crete Luxury Tours, Crete Luxury Cruises, Crete Travel Guide Perhaps it’s the food, maybe it’s the ambiance, or maybe it’s just that the island of Crete truly does possess some magical quality. Whatever the cause may be, all who visit the island of Crete fall in love with this esoteric destination and never want to leave.

Crete, the largest and southernmost of the Greek islands, exudes a mysteriously soothing atmosphere, exclusive to this particular destination among the many Greek Islands. Despite the locals deeply-earthed loyalty to Greece, those who inhabit Crete, as well as all who visit, know that there is something that makes this island different, something that causes a sense of pride and warmth to exude from its citizens. Visitors to Crete can sense this immediately, as, upon arrival, they feel genuinely welcome.

The island is composed of four main counties: Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Lasithi, and within each of these, the historically fascinating remains of previous inhabitants can be found, which date back thousands of years.

Crete’s menu is primarily based on olive oil, as one could quickly deduce by the plethora of olive groves found on the island. Cheeses and wines hailing from Crete are also worth a try. It is also highly likely you will find yourself sampling Raki, a famous drink that can be customarily drunk at frequent intervals during the day.

As for destinations within the island, one must merely ask, and expect to arrive at an incredible destination far surpassing all expectations. Searching for a beach? Crete’s coast is at your service, offering the utmost in gorgeous scenery to absorb, warm velvety water to snorkel and dive in, and spectacular, toasty sunshine to top it all off. Looking for adventure? Either remain on the coast to enjoy Crete’s endless supply of water sports, or trek inward along the E4 hiking trails from Kastelli to Zakro to witness firsthand, Crete’s more secret side: ancient paths and settlements, gorgeous monasteries and, of course, those mountains!!!

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Paros Vacation

Paros, Parikia, Hafen, Greece

One of the most famous of the Cyclades is Paros Island. It is located in the middle of the Cyclades Group, between Naxos, Mykonos and Sifnos and attracts many tourists every summer. Paros has much to offer to its visitors: beautiful beaches in turquoise crystal waters, quaint villages composed of whitewashed cubic houses, narrow paved alleys, many beautiful churches, and exciting nightlife…

Paros Island beaches are suitable for all tastes, some are hidden, tucked within tiny bays, and other are long, wide stretches of golden sands. Paros’ beautiful countryside proudly displays its gently terraced hills and awe inspiring rock formations. Lovely vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees give evidence to Paros’ fertile soil.

Perhaps even more enchanting than Paros’ countryside are the locals. The friendliness and hospitality of the locals create a welcoming aura within the island that sets all visitors at ease. Paros presents a glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of a Greek Island: from the bustling port village of Parikia to the charming fishing village of Naussa. Go ahead and let yourself feel right at home on this island. Perhaps spend a day at the shore, gazing out at the angelic calm of the sea, allowing yourself to feel like there is no place in the world you would rather be. Paros is an island where you can let yourself become absorbed in the moment, a chance to gather yourself and soak up the beauty that surrounds you. Enjoy your vacation to Paros!

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