Ionian Islands, Greece Vacation – Athens, Kefalonia, Zakynthos

Explore the caves of Melissani Lake, found in Greece’s Ionian Islands. Stroll the beautiful beaches as you explore the coastline; hike through mountain villages; discover the picturesque architecture of Fiscardo; the ruins of Zakynthosto. Tour the ruins at Acropolis, Parthenon, Temple of Olympian Zeus and many other significant sites in Athens. Travel with an English-speaking guides […]

Greece Culinary Travel Deals

Discover the legendary Greek cuisine on a food and wine vacation where you will be introduced to the rich Mediterranean flavors, Greek  food is known for. Taste the best that Greece has to offer on a three nights vacation that include and receive a free breakfast PLUS free lunch or dinner daily for two! Participating resorts includethe […]

Tall Ship Cruise – Greece, Turkey, Croatia

What could be more romantic that exploring the Mediterranean on a classic tall ship sailboat. An agile crew is skilled at manipulating the sails by hand. The captain’s experienced hand will capture the winds and fill the sails…thus your journey begins. The luxurious Sea Cloud is a tall mast sailing vessel known for its elegance and grace.  Traveling […]

Luxury Yacht Tour – Greece, France, Italy

A Mediterranean luxury cruise tour  that travels from port to port in Greece, Italy and France. Enjoy exploring the Mediterranean aboard the lavish ‘L’Austral’ is the perfect way to enjoy the  Mediterranean’s most iconic ports and islands Highlights includes Greek ruins, scenic covers, cliffs , ports and more. Cruise in comfort and style aboard the […]

Greece Vacations

There are 6000 Greek Islands and islets scattered within the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Of these Greek islands, only 227 are inhabited. The islands of Greece have some of the most important historical, archaeological and morphological wonders. Tourists from far and wide come to appreciate the ancient cities and mystical phenomenons. The Greek Archipelago has […]